Children’s tableware made from bamboo biomass

”Reale” A Family Feast with an Environmentally conscious tableware

reale child tableware
About Reale

Reale began in 2014 in Japan. Founders Hiroaki Sagara and Shuhei Tominaga wanted to create a different kind of kids' tableware- one that could benefit both families and the Earth.

The founders envisioned a cute, sustainable dish design that could help kids feel like part of the family table. Rather than harmful plastics, they made the decision to use environmentally friendly bamboo biomass.

Reale aims to create a greener future for the next generation. Bamboo biomass reduces waste significantly. Rather than plastics which are constantly disposed of, your family will enjoy our eco-friendly dishes for years to come.

Bamboo biomass contains a mixture of naturally derived raw materials. Materials include bamboo, rice, wheat, and corn. Our production uses half as much oil as traditional plastic production. 

Reale launched in 2016 in Japan and Taiwan, and in 2019 in the USA. Products can be found in Japan, Taiwan, China, the USA, and Hong Kong.

creating safe, kid-friendly dishes
materials with domestic bamboo
Our Values

At Reale, our mission is to create a quality product that helps both the planet and consumers. We strive to do this in multiple ways:

Raw Materials

Reale's unique bioplastic fuses conventional materials with domestic bamboo. Our products contain 50% or more natural materials, and are primarily recyclable. 

Pursuit of Safety

Our products are held to the highest safety measures, and meet all Food Sanitation Law standards. We carefully select raw materials from the cleanest soils in Japan, and blend them with the highest quality polypropylene. No harmful substances or BPA's are found in our products.

Unlike traditional plastic, Reale bamboo biomass is harmless to the human body. This is so important when it comes to choosing dishes for our babies.

highest safety
Texture and functionality

Reale's strong material resists heat, yet feels light and gentle to touch. There truly is no other material like bamboo. Our resin fusions allow for the highest functionality and durability. You can take your dishes anywhere, and they won't break if dropped!


Our focus is on creating safe, kid-friendly dishes that are easy to use and grow with. Babies start using dishware at about six months. Reale dishes are a cute way to help teach them table manners naturally. We make high quality sippy cups, tray plates, soup cups, and spill proof cup/bowl sets that are easy to use for any age.

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Design Team

Reale was created by parents, for parents. 

Three designers with kids created our products from a parent's perspective. Their vision was to bring families together around an eco-friendly, beautiful table. Our products are easy to use both for parents and kids, and made with love and kindness.

Roman-born Shuhei Tominaga is the main designer. As the father of a young son, he knows the challenges parents face. Shuhei is a noted toy designer.

Hideki Tanaka  and his wife Fernanda Brandao design from a parents' point of view. They wanted to create a product with their daughters and the Earth in mind. In 2017, they won the Good Design Award for their bamboo baby dishes. 


Bamboo usage dates back to ancient Japan. Bamboo and its leaves were wrapped around rice balls, used as cooking material for rice, and formed into water bottles. Bamboo contains antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic properties as a material. It has been used for hundreds of years, and is continuing to rise in popularity. 

highest functionality and durability
Founders Hiroaki Sagara
1st April 2019
Owner CEO and Funder
Hiroaki Sagara

Sagara Inc.,

Trade show/Exhibition

HKTDC / Hong Kong Baby products fair Jan 2019 China

NY NOW Summer 2019 New York, United States

CBME Children Baby Maternity Expo July 2018 Shang high, China

Design Tokyo June 2018 Tokyo, Japan